Same Day Dentures

Same Day Dentures: Quick Solutions For Missing Teeth

If you’ve recently lost some or all of your teeth, you know how difficult it can be. It makes talking and eating particularly challenging. It can also be embarrassing in public to be without teeth. Fortunately for you, Lincoln Family Dentistry offers same day dentures and teeth in one day. With us, you can be in and out with new teeth in one day.

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Dentures: The Basics

Dentures are removable false teeth. They’re useful when a person loses most or all of their teeth. A full mouth of dentures comes in two separate arches. Each arch rests on a person’s gums and looks and acts like real teeth. A dental lab makes each arch out of an acrylic material. For most dentures, the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s mouth. They’ll send this impression to the dental lab, which will make custom make dentures which fit the patient’s mouth well.

For most same day dentures, the dentist’s will not use impressions to make them fit correctly. Most dental professionals consider these types of dentures to be temporary. These kinds of dentures tend to slip around and clack in a person’s mouth more frequently than regular dentures.

Types of Dentures

At Lincoln Family Dentistry, we offer multiple different types of dentures. The following are the most common for us to give our patients.

traditional dentures

Full Removable Dentures

Dentists use full dentures to replace all of a person’s teeth. Whether a dentist removed your teeth or they came out naturally, full dentures will replace your whole mouth. Same day dentures are simply traditional dentures that a person replaces after a few months.

partial dentures

Removable Partial Dentures

Dentists place removable partial dentures when a person has lost almost all of their teeth. They can also be used instead of a bridge when a person is only missing a few of their teeth. Just like traditional dentures, patients must remove partials for cleaning, usually while a person sleeps.

implant retained dentures

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures are denture arches that rest on implants. They fuse with a person’s jawbone like real tooth roots would. Unlike removable partial dentures or traditional dentures, a person doesn’t need to remove implant-retained dentures. Implants for implant-retained dentures can also be installed almost instantly through our innovative new procedure Hybrid Prosthesis.

Why We Recommend Implant-Retained Dentures

While same day dentures and longer term dentures are a decent solution, they have their drawbacks too. Our recommendation does depend mostly on the patient, but in general, we do recommend implant-retained dentures.

Drawbacks of Dentures

From a medical perspective, implant-retained dentures are the most healthy tooth replacement option. When a person loses their teeth, their jawbone loses density over time. Without teeth to maintain the jaw, it’s natural for bone loss to occur. Over time, bone loss causes a person’s face to appear sunken. This look causes a person to look and feel older, as it makes their face age much more quickly.

Unfortunately, dentures don’t help this problem. Since they don’t connect to a person’s jaw, they don’t support the bone structure of a person’s face.

Patients often find that dentures are often uncomfortable and tough to get used to. Because they’re not attached, they often slip around in a person’s mouth as they eat and talk. For others, it can be relatively easy to notice a person’s dentures when this happens. This often results in embarrassing moments for denture-wearers.

same day dentures hybrid prostheses

Hybrid Prosthesis:
Teeth in One Day, Implants of the Future

Lincoln Family Dentistry is ahead of the game when it comes to implant-retained dentures. Our newest procedure uses implants to create the instant results of same day dentures. While Hybrid Prosthesis doesn’t technically qualify as a denture, it’s a quick and easy procedure. During this process, dentists place a few implants in a person’s mouth. These implants hold up a set of permanent, natural-looking teeth.

The greatest benefit to this procedure is that it gives you brand new teeth in one day that are permanent. These permanent teeth will look and feel like real teeth. Instead of removing them, the patient will simply brush and floss like with real teeth. Because the implants fuse with the patient’s jaw, they won’t lose bone like with dentures.

We understand that Hybrid Prosthesis isn’t necessarily for everyone. But if you are curious about it, we encourage you to call us or set up a consultation today. We’re glad to talk to you about the options. You can reach us at 402-467-1000, or set up an appointment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures and Implants

Some questions we tend to hear over and over again. While we’re glad to answer all questions, here are a few answers for a few of the more common ones.

Other dentists have said I’m not a candidate for dental implants. Can I still get Hybrid Prosthesis?

About 90% of people who are not candidates for conventional dental implants can undergo Hybrid Prosthesis. This is because this procedure uses the frontal part of a person’s jaw instead of the back, like regular dental implants.

What’s the cost of traditional dentures vs. implant-retained dentures?

Like most dental procedures, it’s difficult to name a particular price. People’s mouths are very different, so we prefer to wait until seeing our patients to offer an estimate. We do offer consultations for dentures and other options, so please call us to set up an appointment to learn more about the cost.

I don’t live near Lincoln Family Dentistry. How can I get immediate dentures near me?

Many who aren’t near our office find themselves wondering, “how can I get immediate dentures near me?” If you’re not quite near Lincoln Family Dentistry, don’t worry. We have locations scattered throughout Lincoln, all of which offer both same day dentures and teeth in one day. Check out Coddington Dental (West Lincoln), Southpointe Dental (South Lincoln), Northstar Dental (North Lincoln), and Preserve Family Dentistry (East Lincoln) for the same quality care and same day dentures.

Check out the “What is a Cosmetic Denture?” video.

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