Root Canal

A Comfortable Approach


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A root canal is an absolute last resort approach, but it may be necessary to save your tooth. If we can do anything else to fix or repair your tooth, we will. If you need a root canal, Dr. Kathryn Alderman’s laser technology and years of experience can make what is thought to be a dreaded and painful visit, simple and quick.

Since Dr. Kathryn Alderman uses the latest laser technology, she can complete a root canal that will last you a lifetime in just one visit.

A lot of our patients ask, “Do root canals hurt?” If you need a root canal, you’ve probably already experienced pain chewing, drinking hot or cold liquids or a throbbing pain that leads to headaches and keeps you up at night. We’ll remove the damaged portion of the tooth that is causing you pain, fill it and send you on your way all in one day. Patients don’t experience pain with a root canal as we will do everything possible for you to have a painless root canal.

Regular cleaning and checkup appointments can also prevent root canals.


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