Root Canal Therapy: Save Your Tooth

Experiencing a toothache and wonder if you need a root canal?   Our dentists are proud to offer root canal therapy to our patients. We’ve offered hundreds of them over the past years, and we’re glad to say that we make this procedure to be a comfortable and routine procedure at our office.

Here at Lincoln Family Dentistry, we believe in offering you the utmost comfort and the best experience possible. It’s our pleasure to serve you, the patient. If there’s anything we can do to ensure your comfort, please don’t hesitate to let us know. A healthy relationship with your dentist should allow you to communicate your needs, fears, concerns, etc. We want to make sure that you’re being taken care of, and communication will help us do that.

A Comfortable Approach


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Saving a Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a last resort approach, but it may be necessary to save your tooth. If we can do anything else to fix or repair your tooth, we will. If you need this procedure, Dr. Kathryn Alderman’s years of experience can make what is thought to be a dreaded and painful visit, simple and quick.

Since Dr. Kathryn Alderman uses the latest laser technology, she can complete a root canal in just one visit.

A lot of our patients ask, “Do root canals hurt?” You’ve probably already experienced pain chewing, drinking hot or cold liquids or a throbbing pain that leads to headaches and keeps you up at night. We’ll remove the damaged portion of the tooth that is causing you pain, fill it and send you on your way all in one day. Regular cleaning and checkup appointments can also prevent root canals. This procedure will actually help your tooth hurt less, in the long run, so you shouldn’t have to worry about too much pain.

Facts and Myths about root canals 

Root Canal Therapy Symptoms

The main symptom for an infected tooth is severe sharp toothache and pain. Some think that pain is simply a result of dental caries otherwise known as cavities, but this is a misconception. When a cavity develops, it actually shouldn’t cause any pain. If you’re experiencing pain, it means that a cavity has progressed to the middle part ( nerve space) of your tooth.  When this happens, you may be developing sharp and intolerable toothache that does not go away with taking over the counter medication.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Thankfully, root canal therapy is now a quick and easy procedure. Root canal therapy is a great alternative to extracting a tooth and will help you save your tooth.

In the process of this procedure, your dentist will start by taking an x-ray. After taking an x-ray, the root canal dentist will clean out your tooth. Using anesthesia, the dentist will ensure your comfort and numbness. Once you’re good and numb, they’ll remove anything in your tooth that was damaged by the infection. After they’ve cleaned out the inside of your tooth, the dentist will reach the affected nerve. The pain you experience from the infection is a result of the infection reaching your nerve, or the pulp. The dentist will remove the pulp while keeping the tooth perfectly intact.

As the final step, your root canal dentist will place a temporary filling, until the next appointment where they’ll place a crown to protect your tooth. And with that, your tooth will have been saved.

The Cost of Root Canal Therapy

Like many dental procedures, it can be difficult to exactly nail down the cost of root canal therapy. There are a handful of factors that can affect the cost of a root canal. Luckily, this procedure is typically cheaper than replacing your tooth after a tooth extraction. Extraction usually requires the placement of an implant or bridge, making the cost increase significantly.

The best way to determine the cost of root canal therapy is to see us. We can give you a more accurate cost so that you won’t be left up in the air. If you would like to contact us and get an estimate for your treatment, contact us by emailing, calling or texting at:

Text: (402) 413-8589

Call: 402467-1000

Frequently Asked Questions about Root Canal Therapy

Since root canals are a common procedure, we answer a lot of questions about it. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear.

Does root canal therapy hurt?

During the procedure, you’ll be on anesthetic, so you’ll be numb and shouldn’t feel anything. However, mild discomfort can be expected following the procedure. If the pain seems excessive, don’t hesitate to let your dentist know, as there may be something else going on.

Does insurance cover root canal therapy?

In most cases, root canals are covered by dental insurance. However, it usually only applies to a certain amount of root canal procedures per year.

My immune system is compromised. Is it safe for me to have root canal therapy?

Depending on your health status. root canal therapy may not be the best option for you.

If you have an auto-immune condition, root canal as an option to save your tooth has to be considered very carefully as it may not be the best for you overall health.

If you are undergoing cancer or osteoporosis treatment, root canals may be the best treatment option to avoid performing extractions.

Every person and tooth requiring root canal therapy have to be evaluated carefully and option that is the best for an individual has to be chosen. Our dentists can help you the best decision for your overall health.


Check out the “Root Canal vs. Extraction” video


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