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Ultimately, If you have lost several teeth, you might consider getting dentures instead of implants or you might also choose to get both implants and dentures at once. There is no right or wrong teeth replacement option, but it’s a good idea to explore all of your options.

Complete dentures are used when all of your natural teeth are missing. If you are looking for the “best dentists for dentures near me,” our dentists can provide upper, lower or both sets of complete dentures.

We offer two options for complete dentures: conventional and immediate.  Conventional dentures are made after all the remaining teeth are removed and the gums are healed, which may take up to three months. During that time, patients often opt to wear immediate dentures, which can be worn right away and work well on a short-term, temporary basis.

If you’re going for the most realistic, natural-looking option, the winner is dental implants. Implants offer multiple benefits to both your oral and overall health.

Partial Dentures in Lincoln, NE: Love Your Smile

A partial denture fills in the spaces created by the missing natural teeth and at the same time, prevents the remaining natural teeth from changing position.

Partial denture designs and techniques have come a long way in recent years. Improved materials make them more comfortable, and they look more natural than ever. A detachable partial denture usually consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base, connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place inside the mouth.

What are the best dentures near me?

Both partial and complete dentures are customized for you. Call us and we can discuss a variety of materials and several options to improve your smile’s health and appearance, including one-day dentures, non-removable implant dentures and Clear Choice dentures, all offered here in Lincoln, NE.

If you know anyone that is embarrassed about losing their teeth or needs extensive improvement to their smile, please refer them to Dr. Kelly O’Hara for a Consultation at any of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations.

Teeth-in-a-Day: For a Lasting First Impression

A Hybrid Prosthesis. Teeth-in-a-day are considered some of the best dentures and most natural-looking dentures. The Hybrid Prosthesis are realistic dentures that are made right here in Lincoln, NE.

We’re excited to offer teeth-in-one-day! Our team provides you with fully functioning teeth in one procedure that lasts a few hours. Instead of driving to several appointments with a restorative doctor and then a surgeon, Dr. Kelly O’Hara has teamed up with Nebraska Oral and Facial to simplify the process for you. We complete the final prosthesis before surgery to save you time. You can even resume your normal activities the very next day.

Imagine the Possibilities:

A woman who is thinking about where she can find the perfect fit dentures in Lincoln, NE. Any dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry can help you find great teeth replacement options.

How can you have Teeth-in-One-Day? Almost all of our patients are candidates for same day teeth. Nearly 90 percent of our patients who were told they were not candidates for traditional dental implants are approved for this less invasive procedure. The ideal candidates for Teeth-in-a-Day are those who are current denture wearers or need to have their teeth removed.

The Preparation:

We take a CAT scan of your jawbone to plan the implant placement without you sitting in our chair for hours. This allows us to craft the prosthesis before surgery and place the implant more accurately.

The Procedure:

Teeth-in-a-Day takes about two hours per arch, and since you’re sedated, the procedure will be over in a flash. You’ll wake up with a completely transformed smile comprised of temporary teeth that look identical to the permanent teeth you’ll receive after you’ve fully healed. Because we give you an fanti- inflammatory medication before surgery, there is typically very little swelling or discomfort. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our patients do not even take any medication.

The Checkups:

Depending on how you’re healing, we like to see you for a few check-ups. These are covered in your initial cost, so if you have a question or would like something looked at while you’re healing, we’ll make an appointment as soon as it’s convenient for you.

Permanent Teeth:

After your mouth is fully healed, we replace your temporary teeth with your new permanent teeth. This procedure is very similar to having a tooth capped with a temporary and then a permanent crown.

YouTube video "Teeth-in-one-Day." Our dentists in Lincoln, NE offer implant dentistry to restore your smile.

Beyond All Expectations:

Attend a Consultation with Our Team

NFD banner asking "Do you want to replace all of your teeth in just one day? Find our how your first consultation with us can be free!"

Both Dr. Kelly O’Hara and the team at Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery have years of experience and have completed hundreds of implants. Every dental implant procedure begins with a consultation where the team creates a customized treatment plan just for you.

Teeth-in-a-Day Cost

Each treatment plan is customized, pricing varies, but we are transparent with our fees and after researching other permanent denture costs in Lincoln, NE, we are 30 percent lower than our nearest competitors. The entire process is one fee, including follow-up appointments, so you’ll know how much your new smile will cost during your consultation, and that number won’t change.

FAQ about Dentures

Is there an emergency broken denture repair in Lincoln, NE?

If your dentures have broken and you need immediate attention, we are happy to help you. Depending on what has broken and to what extent, we can fix the dentures while you are in the office.

What does a broken denture repair cost?

The cost of same-day denture repair can start as low as $150 in Lincoln, NE. “Emergency dentures repair” is something all Nebraska Family Dentistry locations would be honored to help with – just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

What causes dentures to break?

The most common reason why dentures break is from everyday wear and tear. Dentures are used most hours of the day. Dentures sustain a lot of forces from chewing during their lifetime. Temperature changes from hot and cold foods, acids from foods and the constant exposure to the moist environment of the oral cavity wear down the denture.

When teeth are missing, the jawbone deteriorates over time. This will cause dentures to feel loose and unstable when you chew. If the denture does not fit well, you may notice them rocking when you chew. This instability can cause stress points on the denture, which leads to cracks and breakage.

What are the “best dentures available?” Are there permanent dentures that look real?

There are two options for patients who are interested in a more permanent option to replace teeth. The top option, or Hybrid Prosthesis, allows all of the teeth to be replaced with a permanent prosthetic which is not removable. This prosthetic is most similar to our natural teeth in function and aesthetics. It is held in place by several implants. This “top” option keeps the bone active, thus preventing bone loss.

The second option is an implant retained denture. Implant retained dentures attach to implants in the bone but are removed when the patient is sleeping and to clean them. These dentures give good chewing support and help preserve some bone.

If you are interested in learning more about teeth replacement options, you can schedule a consult with Dr. Kelly O’Hara. She would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Where can I get dentures repaired?

Depending on how badly broken the dentures are, sometimes it is possible for us to repair the dentures chairside while you are in the office. In situations where the dentures are broken and require more extensive repairs, a mold will be taken of your mouth and sent to the lab. The processing time for this can be up to three weeks. If dentures cannot be repaired, the mold can be taken and sent to the lab for a new set of dentures.

My dentures broke in half how can I fix them?

If you are unable to see us immediately and have an emergency situation with broken dentures, repair kits can be found in some pharmacies. These will not hold the denture together well enough to support chewing and are not a suitable long-term option. Do not use epoxy, super glue or other chemicals to try to repair a denture, as these products may contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the body. It is always a good idea to have Dr. O’Hara evaluate your denture for repairs.

Can you use superglue on dentures?

Dentures are made from an acrylic material that does not bond well with superglue. Superglue can cause distortions around the edges of the fracture, making it difficult for a lab to align the fracture properly to repair it. This can cause the denture to be more uncomfortable to wear and the likelihood that the denture will fracture in the same area again increases. Superglue contains toxic chemicals are not biocompatible and differ greatly from medical grade adhesives used for incisions by doctors. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions or inflammation of the gums.

My tooth fell out of denture, where can I fix my denture and add a tooth in Lincoln, NE?

It is also a good idea to save the denture tooth and bring your denture to us so that we can help you evaluate it and make any repairs.

What is a great home broken denture repair kit?

There are many denture repair kits on the market. These kits are intended as a temporary option for patients until they can see us. Dentist On Call is a brand that makes a kit that is readily available at most pharmacies. It is important to only use a product that is intended for use on dentures to avoid damaging the denture further or exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Dr. Kelly O'Hara. A dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Kelly O’Hara.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I perform gentle dentistry for the entire family and focus on children’s dentistry, extreme smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry and placing mercury-free dental fillings. Moreover, I also want to provide a better quality of life to patients who have lost their teeth by making implant retained dentures. I have many goals, but one that is very important to many of us: to keep dentistry affordable by taking all of the primary dental plans and by also offering dental payment plans to patients that seek them. I am fully committed to making sure all patients feel comfortable while in my care.”

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