Lincoln Hygienist


LWA Q&A with Our Lincoln Hygienist Our Lincoln Hygienist is a crucial part of our compassionate dental team in helping to educate patients about dental procedures and on a connection about a healthy mouth and overall health.  Meet our wonderful Lincoln hygienist, Kara. Kara is passionate about helping her patients to feel comfortable in her care while providing simple dental cleanings or deep cleanings for the treatment of Periodontal disease.  Kara believes that healthy mouth goes hand in hand with […]

Jake Wilson’s Story

Oral Cancer: Jake Wilson’s Story Oral cancer has the potential to change the course of your life. For some, however, it’s little more than a roadblock along the journey. Sitting at a table a few times a week in Lincoln’s Cottonwood Cafe is Jake Wilson. The Cottonwood regular has been through a lot the past few years but has taken it in stride and continued to live abundantly. After noticing some pressure in his mouth, Wilson had scheduled an appointment […]

Smokeless Tobacco, is it Harmless?

cigarette and the risks

Smokeless Tobacco…. If Your Loved Ones are Chewing Tobacco or Vaping, They May Be in Grave Danger We all know smoking is bad for health. But what about alternatives like chewing tobacco and vaping? When it comes to oral cancer, you should know that your loved ones are equally at risk if they’re chewing or vaping. The Oral Cancer Foundation says that one person in the US dies every hour from oral cancer. Catching oral cancer early on is a […]