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Oil Pulling, Coconut Oil, and Geographic Tongue

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You may have noticed that everyone seems to have gone nuts for coconuts! You may be wondering what the buzz surrounding this tropical fruit is all about. Any dentist in Lincoln, NE at Nebraska Family Dentistry can tell you that coconuts actually have a lot to offer when it comes to taking care of yourself. From cooking to hair care, and yes, even your oral health, coconuts seem to have it all! Coconut water is increasing in popularity with athletes as a refreshing sports drink; coconut oil is revered for its use as a moisturizer and helping prevent stretch marks; even coconut milk can help you lower your blood pressure and maintain a healthy immune system.

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One use of coconut oil that is just starting to make its way into mainstream media news is called oil pulling. Up until recently it was one of the lesser known, but possibly most beneficial, use of the coconut.  As of today, coconut oil has been recognized as a great aid in preventing a bad breath, keeping gums healthy and treating a geographic tongue condition.

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Here’s How Coconut Oil Works For A Geographic Tongue:

“Oil Pulling” with coconut oil is said to have anti-microbial properties and tends to be easy to use orally as it has a smooth texture and pleasant taste.  Swish about one tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth, like mouthwash for 5-20 minutes. The coconut oil acts like a magnet attracting and “pulling” the plaque and bacteria from your teeth as you swish. The longer you swish the more microbes and plaque that will be pulled off by the coconut oil. Once you are finished spit and brush as normal. Make sure you spit into the trash; if you spit in your sink, the oil will cool and could clog pipes. Likewise, our “Lincoln dentist near me” reminds you not to swallow the oil as it now contains lots of bacteria!

“Oil pulling” has been proven to treat condition “Geographic tongue.” Geographic tongue is a harmless condition and is typically seen as well-defined, reddened areas on and around the sides of the tongue. These red areas usually have a slightly white or yellow-white, raised line around their edges. Patients with this condition tend to get bad breath and sensitivity to certain foods. “Oil Pulling” has been proven to help this condition.  

Learn more about benefits of coconut oil.

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“Oil pulling” has indeed proven to be an effective way to reduce plaque and in turn give you healthier gums and teeth, but it is not intended to replace traditional dental care like brushing twice a day and flossing. However, when combined with other oral hygiene practices, including regular checkups with your Lincoln Family Dentistry Dentist, “oil pulling” can be a great way to potentially improve your oral hygiene using substances found in nature.

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