New Location Opening up

New Location opening up!

Check out our New Location Opening up

in Lincoln, Nebraska!

In a few more weeks from now, we’ll be opening up our fourth Lincoln Family Dentistry practice! I’ll be located in 5500 “O” street. For sometime now, we’ve been building up our new location from the ground up. From a fast food joint to a fast, friendly and highly experienced dentistry, what more could the people from the “O” street of Lincoln area ask for?

You’ve been probably wondering what the new location is going to be called? Central Dental?…O street Dental?… Lincoln Family Dental?… these were all running candidates for the name of the new location. After some debating, we’ve figured to name it after who we are, what we’ve been calling ourselves for years, Lincoln Family Dentistry! It should have been a no brainer!

Our new Location will be the start of many more opportunities for newcomers to get their teeth worked on! With Lincoln Family Dentistry and our opening up, we’ll be carrying on all of the great services and amenities our other current practices are providing! Nothing is changing besides the new look and location. Your drive to the dentist may be even shorter now. It could even be simply walking distance!

Here are a few photos of the new location’s early stages of construction!


If you would want to see how it looks now? We’d love you to take a visit!

Because of Lincoln Family Dentistry’s location opening up, doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be slowing down with the quality of our customer service. Every person who walks through our doors will receive excellent dental care! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our previous customer reviews page!

If you want to know exactly when we’ll be opening up our doors to the new location?   We’ll be open by the beginning of November 2015!

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