Are you looking for a friendly kid’s dentist in Lincoln, NE?

Finding a kid’s dentist office is important to many families. Visiting the dentist can be scary, especially for kids. Many of us can share bad experiences we’ve had at the dentist when we were younger. That’s why you should find a kids dentist that is friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about working with kids.

If you are looking for a gentle, kind and patient-centered kid’s dentist in Lincoln, NE area, you will enjoy meeting Dr. Kelly O’Hara. This kid’s dentist is a wonderful, kind and caring dentist. She has excellent chair side manners and positive ways to communicate, educate and inspire children and teens about the importance of dental health.

Dr. Kelly O’ Hara used to be a school teacher taught at Lincoln public schools for years before making a change to dentistry. This children’s and teens dentist makes her top priority to care for overall health and well-being of your child or a teen.


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Finding a Friendly Kid’s Dentist

There are several ways to find a kid’s dentist office nearby. More importantly, however, how do you find the right kid’s dentist for you and your kids? It can be difficult to find a place where your kids feel comfortable and at ease. By finding a nearby kid’s dentist that will help keep yours with your child’s oral check-ups and cleanings routine, your kid’s health will be improved.

Dr. Kelly O’Hara is a qualified and friendly kid’s friendly dentist that will exceed your expectations and keep your child smiling brilliantly.


The Importance of Dental Care and Seeing Kid’s Dentist

It is of particular importance for our kids to maintain healthy teeth, since helping them do so now will promote a lifetime of good dental practices. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness in America. It’s five times more likely to occur than childhood obesity, and four times more likely than asthma. And tooth decay is much more than just a hole in your child’s mouth. It’s a disease that can enter the bloodstream, causing bacterial infections. This can cause problems with an overall well-being of a child.

Our kid’s dentist understands the importance of tooth care and works together with parents to educate their kids on how to maintain oral hygiene at home.

Dr. Kelly O’Hara is skilled at working with children of all ages. She uses a “tell, show, do” approach to teaching children how to maintain good dental hygiene, to walk kids step-by-step through necessary skills for taking care of their teeth. On top of that, our kid- friendly dentist is constantly learning new techniques and keeping up to date on new research about dental hygiene.


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Why choose a kid’s dentist for children?

A children’s dentist is a general dentist with the same training. They just have more experience dealing with children. They can still refer your child on to a specialist if his/her needs extend beyond the needs of a general dentist office.

Dr.Kelly O’Hara used to be a teacher at Lincoln Public Schools before becoming a dentist. Her experience as a teacher makes her a perfect candidate for being a ki’s dentist.  Dr.Kelly O’Hara knows how to communicate well with children and to explain dental procedures in simplest terms. This kids’ dentist knows that a positive communication allows establishing positive and trusting relationships, leading to fewer fears about any needed treatment or anticipated fears about needing dental work.

This children’s dentist has an ability to establish strong and positive relationships with children. In fact, she can create a positive and fun experience for your child so that they not only start wanting to go to the dentist but will make it a point to make a habit of taking care of their teeth.


A kid’s dentist for children teaches healthy dental habits

Our children’s dentist also teaches you how to teach your child correct brushing habits and to stop night time carbonated liquids when the first teeth appear. They also teach parents the importance of encouraging children to drink from a cup as they reach their first birthday. This is essential as many children develop cavities just because they fall asleep with a bottle of juice or milk in their mouth at bedtime.

Read more about the importance of seeing a dentist for children from:



“Don’t Do the Dew: Risks of drinking Mountain Dew”
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Family Approved Dental Care and Kid’s Dentist

Unfortunately, many families can’t afford to take their children to the dentist regularly. Because of this, Lincoln Family Dentistry has worked hard to make access to dental care easier for you and your family.

We accept most major insurance plans (BCBS, Mettle Tricare, Ameritas, etc.), and we also offer Free Kind Check-up and payment plans to families in need. And even without insurance plans, our dentists’ average fees are among the lowest in the nation.

A dentist for children and thumb-sucking habit

Dr.Kelly O’Hara, our children’s dentist can also discuss the appropriate time to stop finger-sucking and how to do so in a way that gets the child on board with stopping the habit as well. Finger/thumb sucking is very common in young infants/toddlers and doesn’t usually become a problem unless it is continued past age 5 or after the adult teeth begin erupting. Finger/thumb sucking into later childhood years can cause functional and esthetic problems with the bite down the road that can remain into adulthood.

We look forward to working with you and your child. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 402-467-1000 if you have questions, or you can make appointments online to make an appointment with our kid-friendly dentist.


kid's dentist for national dental health month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM)

Dr.Kelly O’Hara, our children’s dentist,  would like to take this time to teach children about good dental habits that would contribute to a lifetime of healthy smiles.
This Children’s dentist truly believes that attitudes and habits established at an early age are critical in maintaining good oral health throughout life. By participating in NCDHM, the dental team, parents, teachers and others can help keep children’s smiles beautiful now and for years to come. Dr. Kelly O’Hara and Nebraska Family Dentistry have prepared an interesting presentation to help school-aged children ( K to 5th grades) to learn about healthy dental habits.


This presentation is interactive and gets children’s attention. Most importantly, it inspires children to take good care of their teeth and keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Please let us know if you’d like our dental professionals to speak to your school during February. We would be happy to visit your school and to bring a fun presentation and handouts geared towards elementary-aged children. Please contact our community educators if you’d like to arrange a school visit at 402-304-3549 or email at


“Taking Care Of My Mouth”
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