Invisalign® vs. “Instant Orthodontics” – What is the difference?

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At Lincoln Family Dentistry, we offer multiple options for improving your smile. So, what is a great way to get a better smile? In short, the answer to this question depends on your expectations.

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If you are looking for the most conservative option, where we preserve the most tooth structure, Invisalign®, or “invisible braces near me,” is an excellent solution. Invisalign® allows for the progressive realignment of crowded or improperly spaced teeth. These “invisible braces near me,” or clear trays are completely removable, which allows for better oral hygiene and reduced risk of cavities when compared to traditional braces.

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Although Invisalign® treatment is not “instant,” it only takes a few months to begin seeing results. Treatment periods when using “clear, invisible braces near me” typically range from 6-24 months, depending on the complexity of the case.

Invisalign®, combined with professional whitening, is an excellent solution for patients who like the shape and size of their teeth but may want a straighter, brighter smile. Invisalign is the most conservative option, which means there is a lower risk of developing future dental problems.

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People who do not like the shape and size of their teeth, or those who do not like the “character” of their teeth, maybe better candidates for what we call “Instant orthodontics” rather than “invisible braces near me”. Instant orthodontics involves removing tooth structure to make room for crowns or veneers on the front teeth. While preparing the teeth, we may be able to correct minor to moderate crowding problems as well.

Referring to this procedure as “instant” is indeed accurate. The same day you have the teeth prepared, is the same day you will leave with temporary crowns or veneers. Thus, showing immediate improvement to your smile. The temporary crowns or veneers will be in place for two to three weeks. In the meantime, our partnered dental lab will create your permanent crowns or veneers.

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Crowns and veneers are made from a ceramic material. Thus, we can alter the shape, size, and character of your teeth. Tooth “character” refers to any variation in the tooth color or texture. Sometimes, patients will have darker or lighter areas on their teeth that they feel doesn’t blend well with surrounding teeth. Occasionally, whitening can improve these areas. Sometimes, however, they do require crowns or veneers to achieve a consistently white, beautiful smile.

The main advantage of instant orthodontics versus “invisible braces near me,” is time. Completion of this procedure can typically occur in one month. Although it is essential to keep in mind that Instant orthodontics does require a permanent reduction of tooth structure. And, any time there is work performed on a tooth, there is a higher chance that dental problems will arise.

If you would like to discuss each option in greater detail, learn about “invisible braces near me,” or “clear braces prices,” we can help. Scheduling a consultation is a great way to learn about instant orthodontics. At this appointment, we will take a look at your smile, the shape and size of your teeth, and your bite to help us determine which option would benefit you the most.

Dr. Brooke Kittell

This post was written by Lincoln Family Dentistry Provider Dr. Brooke Kittell.

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