How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Overall Health

Dental anxiety levels vary greatly amongst our patients. Some suffer from the simple embarrassment that often prevents them from seeing a dentist. This often happens as a result of bad experiences with past dentists. On the other end of the spectrum, some of our patients previously avoided the dentist for years. They’ll tell you it’s because of a deep-rooted fear of the dentist. However, these patients are now in our care, have overcome some of their concerns, and are being treated regularly by a dentist for dental anxiety near me in Lincoln, NE at Nebraska Family Dentistry.

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If you can relate to our patients with dental anxiety, we’re glad you’re here. We’re on standby, ready to help you face your fears and take care of your health today. Read on to learn more about Dr. Jon Isaacson, your dentist for dental anxiety near me at Lincoln Family Dentistry. Learn how you can overcome your dental anxiety.

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How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Overall Health and the Importance of Seeking a Dental Anxiety Dentist Near Me

In the past several years, researchers have established a huge correlation between oral and overall health. These researchers are discovering over and over again that the mouth is a gateway into the body for nutrients, vitamins, and also, bacteria. These bacteria can be good or bad. Probiotics like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha are all examples of good bacteria which replenish the body’s defenses. However, there are several bacteria that aren’t so good. Perhaps the most significant example is the bacteria that naturally develops in a person’s mouth. This bacteria, if left untouched, will build up. Thus, it encourages plaque and tartar growth, and ultimately, will affect a person’s cardiac, nervous, and immune systems.

When a person goes years without seeing a dentist and they don’t take time to seek a dental anxiety dentist near me, they often don’t realize the damage it’s doing. Fortunately, we can reverse much of this damage if you act soon. While effective brushing and flossing are important, it’s equally important to see your dentist for routine cleanings and exams. Regular dental visits allow your dentist to look at your teeth and stop the onset of additional problems. In other words, when you don’t go to the dentist, you often miss out on the chance to avoid extensive treatments. As time goes on, the longer you avoid the dentist, the more money you’ll end up paying to fix problems, and the more your body will feel the impact of poor oral health.

Your Lincoln Dentist Near Me Has Solutions for Overcoming Dental Fears and Improving Your Overall Health

If you’re looking for a dental anxiety dentist near me who will care for you, look no further. Dr. Jon Isaacson has worked with many patients over the years. Her gentle and caring mentality shapes her interactions with each patient. Dr. Issacson also has a great sense of humor, which is key in helping some patients feel calm and comfortable.

If you’re someone who suffers from any level of dental anxiety, it’s important that you find a compassionate dental anxiety dentist near me. With her gentle hand, Dr. Jon Isaacson is well-equipped to work with patients who have dental anxiety. 

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Dr. Jon Isaacson Says: With my background in Nutrition Science, and my passion for health, I have made it my responsibility to care for patients, not just teeth. Interestingly, our mouth can provide a lot of information about our overall health. This gives any dental anxiety dentist near me a unique role in the healthcare field. Seeing your dentist regularly can not only keep your smile looking beautiful, but can really improve your overall health!

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