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Searching for High-End Dentures in Lincoln, NE: It’s Easy

Finding the perfect high-end dentures isn’t always as straight-forward as one might think. With any set of dentures, there are several different factors to consider. We know the search can be challenging, so we’ve attempted to make the process easy. Find out more about our options and the process involved with dentures.

At Lincoln Family Dentistry, we understand the difficulty in losing your teeth.  We see many patients who have experienced this. Because of that fact, we’re confident we can help you find what you’re looking for, quickly and conveniently.

If you’re looking for dentures that look great and last, you’re probably thinking of cosmetic dentures.

High-End Dentures in Lincoln, NE: Restore Your Smile Today

Image of a high-end denture patient at a Lincoln, NE dental clinic. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE can help you with teeth replacement options.

Cosmetic dentures are typically going to be the top choice for high-end, realistic dentures on the market. They’re usually slightly more costly than the budget dentures on the market. However, their benefits often make up for this fact. Cosmetic dentures look more like real teeth, by their very nature. They’re called cosmetic because they’re intended to improve your smile and look beautiful!

Cosmetic dentures also tend to feel much more natural than other denture options. They’ll fit naturally in a person’s mouth to help them chew and speak efficiently. This will also help patients avoid some of the caveats of cheap dentures: sores from ill-fitting dentures, slipping and clacking in the mouth, and awkward social encounters.

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If you know anyone that is embarrassed about losing their teeth or know someone who needs extensive improvements to their smile, please refer them to us.

Finding the Best Dentures or High-End Dentures “Near Me”

Image of a happy woman who found a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry to help her find the best dentures available. High-end dentures can be found right here in Lincoln, NE.

Cosmetic dentures, like with many other dental objects, can vary significantly in quality. There are many options on the market that claim to offer cheap dentures that will last. However, many denture companies make their dentures with cheap materials that won’t last. Those who choose the cheapest dentures out there end up paying more in the long run for replacements.

While cosmetic dentures could be a great choice, they do have drawbacks. These drawbacks do exist, and it’s important that you’re aware of them. With dentures, your jaw experiences bone loss over time. They are removable and need to be cleaned often.

Because of those drawbacks, another option to keep in mind is an upgrade to a cosmetic denture, our newest procedure, the Hybrid Prosthesis, also known as All-on-4 Implants.

Hybrid Prosthesis, are kind of like implant dentures (but not exactly). Multiple Implants retain the bridge making this option to be permanent.

Image of a Hybrid bridge from Lincoln Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Benefits of A Hybrid Bridge:

• Reduces overall cost when compared to single implants

• Eliminates the need for bone grafting, in most cases

• Allows for easy maintenance through proper oral hygiene

• Restores the ability to eat all types of foods

• Relieves the many frustrations of removable dentures

• Ensures long-term results with the potential to last a lifetime

• Renews a youthful appearance through bone level stabilization

• Creates a whole new smile in just one day

• Enhances self-confidence and overall quality of life

We also understand that Hybrid Prosthesis isn’t for everyone. However, we believe it’s an excellent idea to keep our patients educated and informed about the available options. This will help you be aware of what’s out there. In turn, being educated will help you make a great decision, one that will positively impact the rest of your life.

Getting High-End Dentures:
The Process

Image of a man who was happy to learn about high-end dentures from a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry.

If you’re in need of dentures, you’ll probably want to know what to expect during your treatment. The process of getting custom, cosmetic dentures involves a series of appointments.

1. Impressions – First, your Lincoln, NE dentist will take an impression of your mouth. The dentist will send this impression to a dental lab. They’ll use the impression to duplicate the positions of your jaw, lips, and any teeth for your dentures.

2. Personality – In creating your actual dentures, your dentists will talk to you about how you want your dentures to look. A person’s smile is more than just what they use to eat and speak. A smile contains personality and character. In the same way, the dental lab will create your dentures with your desired results in mind.

3. Practicality – Once you’ve decided how you want your smile to look, your Lincoln dentist near me will evaluate the functional aspect. The functionality of your new denture is equally important to the cosmetic side.

4. Test Dentures – Once you’ve decided on how you want your dentures to look, your Lincoln dentist will have you try on a pair of temporary dentures. This will allow you to see how your dentures will look and feel. If they fit well, your dental lab will fabricate a pair just for you or if any final adjustments need to be made.

5. Receive Your Dentures – Once you and your Lincoln, NE dentist are happy with the look and feel of your new dentures, the lab will move forward and make the dentures based on all of the specifications you and your dentist worked out during the process. Once the dentures are complete, you will come for your final appointment to have your dentures delivered.

Assessing Cost of High-End Dentures

Image showing a piggy bank. Our dentists in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry offer affordable dentistry.

The cost of dentures isn’t always easy to figure out. Since you’re looking for high-end dentures, you probably won’t be looking at budget dentures currently on the market. That means you can usually expect to pay more than $2000. While that can often seem like a lot, remember how much you’ll use your dentures each day. Your dentures will express your personality, they’ll help you speak, and they’ll help you chew. More than anything, a great pair of dentures is an investment for your future. They’ll ensure your confidence and help you feel good about the way you look and feel.

An excellent way to learn about the cost of dentures is to visit us for a consultation. If you’ve been thinking about moving forward with dentures, you can call us at 402-467-1000 and schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about High-End Dentures

Image of a set of high-end dentures from Lincoln Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Is it hard to eat even with the best dentures? Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers…

Once your mouth finishes healing and you have gotten used to your dentures, you should be able to eat most foods. Certain foods, however, will always be difficult to eat with dentures, including sticky or chewy foods, hard foods, or foods with small hard pieces.

How long do dentures last, I fear that they will break and I will need emergency dentures? Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers…

Due to the constant changes in bone levels after teeth are removed, cosmetic dentures will have to be replaced or relined periodically. Typically, dentures that are well cared for can last 5-8 years. Over time, however, you will wear down the dentures and your bone and gums will shrink, causing your dentures to become loose and potentially rock during chewing. The need for emergency dentures or denture repair in Lincoln, NE varies from person to person and is dependent upon how well you care for your new smile.

Do the best dentures still need to be removed at night? Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers…

Image of high-end dentures from a denture dentist in Lincoln, NE.

It is always a great idea to remove your dentures at night while you sleep to allow the soft tissues in your mouth to receive oxygen. Patients who never take out their dentures are at higher risk of developing sore spots and fungal infections.

If you have, however, chosen an implant-retained teeth replacement option, which are some of the newest “dentures” available, they do not need to be removed. Implant-retained means they are fixed in place with the help of dental implants surgically placed within the gums, thus makin them some of the most natural-looking, realistic dentures on the market today.

Can you wear even the best, most natural-looking dentures if you have bone loss? Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers…

It is a good idea to discuss your options with your Lincoln, NE dentist. They will take an x-ray to determine how much jawbone is present. In some cases, patients with extensive, severe bone loss who have had missing teeth for decades may not be able to successfully wear a cosmetic denture. In severe cases such as patients with significant bone removal from a history of oral cancer, a prosthodontist may need to be consulted on the treatment plan for alternative options. Most patients can successfully have an implant-retained denture or cosmetic denture without many problems, even if they have a history of some bone loss.

Can dentures make me look younger; Are there natural-looking dentures available? Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers…

Image of a happy woman who found that high-end dentures from a dentist in Lincoln, NE were the perfect solution for her.

With the high-quality materials and amazing craftsmanship available in modern dental labs, you can have a very youthful smile while wearing dentures. Having a bright, white set of teeth in place of missing teeth or failing restorations and advanced periodontal disease will inevitably improve your smile. To preserve the youthful effect, consider an implant-retained over-denture as an option. This option allows the jawbone to be preserved, preventing a sunken-in facial appearance that enhances the signs of aging.

Image of our dentist in Lincoln, NE. Dr. Kelly O'Hara.

The information on this page was written by Dr. Kelly O’Hara.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentist says: “I perform gentle dentistry for the entire family and focus on children’s dentistry, extreme smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry in Lincoln, NE and placing mercury-free dental fillings. Moreover, I also want to provide a better quality of life to patients who have lost their teeth by making implant retained dentures. I have many goals, but one that is very important to many of us: to keep dentistry affordable by taking all of the primary dental plans and by also offering dental payment plans to patients that seek them. I am fully committed to making sure all patients feel comfortable while in my care.”

You can schedule with this dentist in Lincoln, NE, or her partners, online 24/7 at a Lincoln Family Dentistry Location near you. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Lincoln. Some of the communities include Eagle, Walton, Weeping Water, Avoca, and many more!

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