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Dr. Caitlin Schultz: Gentle Dentist in Lincoln

Dr. Caitlin Schultz is a gentle dentist in Lincoln who has a passion for restorative and cosmetic dental treatment. With degrees from UNL and UNMC, Dr. Schultz has long been a part of the Lincoln community. She enjoys traveling, exercising, and cheering on the Huskers. In fact, she used to cheer the Huskers on from the sidelines as a Nebraska Cheerleader.

She has immediate family in both Omaha and Phoenix. As the youngest of three, she enjoys spending time with her siblings and their children. If she could, Dr. Schultz would possess powers of immortality, time travel, and a great singing voice. She likes Blue Orchid here in Lincoln and recommends shooting for the moon in all things.


Dr. Schultz also cares deeply about improving patient confidence and comfort. Having gone through her fair share of dental treatment growing up, Dr. Schultz understands the patient experience. She learned from a young age how much self-confidence she gained from good dental work, and quickly found herself wanting to offer this to others. Dr. Schultz is a gentle dentist in Lincoln who is ready to help you gain the smile you love.

For anyone looking to stay happy and healthy, Dr. Schultz suggests exercising often and resting well. She also believes that improving health happens within a person’s smile. Her background in nutrition informs her belief that a healthy mouth is the foundation for a healthy body. She says brushing teeth twice a day and flossing every day are key pieces of overall health.

Use the form at the bottom to see if Dr. Schultz is the best dentist for you! Her specialties are gentle dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Why Finding a Gentle Dentist in Lincoln Matters

To some, finding a gentle dentist in Lincoln is harder than it seems. Many of our patients had bad experiences with other dentists before coming to us. Unfortunately, not every patient with a bad dental experience ends up on our doorstep. Instead, many patients avoid going to the dentist at all. In return, their teeth are severely damaged, and they often don’t even realize it.

This depicts the importance of finding a gentle dentist in Lincoln. With an expert dentist, you’ll avoid the trouble of bad experiences altogether. As a result, you’ll be more likely to make your appointments count, catching any dental issues before they require extensive treatment.

Everyone on our team is considered an excellent gentle dentist in Lincoln. We only hire the best of the best, so, you know you’re receiving great care each time you walk through the doors.

Dental Anxiety

Millions of Americans today suffer from some level of dental anxiety. This causes many people to avoid the dentist at all costs. Unfortunately, this results in poor dental hygiene, requiring more dental work.

If you’re embarrassed, ashamed, or downright afraid to see a dentist, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Schultz and the rest of our team members will be happy to help you. We’ll never make you feel bad for not seeing a dentist or needing dental work. In fact, we’re honored that you would choose our dentistry. If you need services to help with some level of dental anxiety, we can help. Since the beginning, Lincoln Family Dentistry has focused on working with anxious patients. We want to revive the health of your teeth, and your level of comfort at the dentist.

Find a true gentle dentist in Lincoln today, and you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you are.

Dental Comfort: Our Options

If you feel like you might be an anxious patient based on our description, let us know! Communicating your fears and concerns with us will help us keep you comfortable. We offer a handful of options to keep you calm, comfortable, and healthy.

Sedation Dentistry

Our sedation dentistry will allow you to feel calm and comfortable during your procedure. We administer a sedation pill that will allow you to feel relaxed and safe. During the procedure, you’ll be awake but in a sleep-like state. You’ll still have complete control, and you’ll be able to talk and respond. However, in many cases, patients won’t remember the course of the procedure.

Pillows & Blankets

In our office, we keep lots of pillows and blankets. It may seem silly at first, but there’s no shame in being comfy! We also encourage anxious patients to bring a pillow and blanket of their own, if it helps. These amenities help many of our patients feel comfortable, so we’re glad to offer them.

Music & Television

We keep headphones in the office for any patients who would like to listen to music during their time. Similarly, we keep our televisions on and allow patients to change them to anything that they’d like to watch.

Northstar Dental’s Zen Room

Our sister location, Northstar Dental, just opened the Zen Room. The Zen Room is a fully stocked comfort room, designed to help anxious patients relax and feel safe. To learn more about the Zen Room, click here.

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