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Image of a dental team member holding a "dental emergencies" sign. Our dentists in Lincoln, NE can help with your dental emergency.

Sometimes accidents happen – teeth crack, others develop sudden tooth discomfort, your denture breaks, etc. No one expects these things to happen, which means it’s unlikely they’ll happen during business hours. Instead, it often leaves people looking for an emergency dentist at the most inconvenient time.

A toothache may start out minor, but it will often get worse and worse throughout the day. Because of this, it’s essential to see your emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE, as soon as possible. Lincoln Family Dentistry, the central location of Nebraska Family Dentistry, is always prepared to be your emergency dentist in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. With an emergency number as well as extended and Saturday hours, we are always here to help you when you need it most.

Our emergency dental line is 402-840-9783. Call us if you require emergency dental care after hours. We will try our hardest to return your call soon.

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What To Do In An Emergency

What to do in an emergency will vary depending on the emergency. Below we discuss some of the most common dental emergencies, how to handle them, and what to expect from the potential treatment of those problems. Preventative dental care is of the utmost importance. If you have a dental emergency right now, you should contact your Lincoln Family Dentistry emergency dentist as soon as possible. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Our Emergency Dentist in Lincoln, NE Can Help with Any of These Dental Emergencies:

Image of a woman who is having dental pain and is looking for an emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Intense or Sudden Sharp Toothache

A severe toothache should be treated as quickly as possible, as it is often a sign of a dental infection. When toothaches constantly or spontaneously, you can assume that something more serious is happening. Learn more about how your emergency dentist can help with tooth pain.

Image of a man who is has a dental abscess with swelling and is looking for an emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Swelling or Abscess

Gum discomfort or swelling can be symptoms of a dental infection, also known as an abscess, that forms in the area surrounding a tooth’s root. This infection can spread from the root of the tooth to the bone supporting the tooth. If you don’t treat the disease immediately, it’ll result in discomfort, loss of teeth, and overall medical emergency. Learn more about how your emergency dentist can help with dental abscesses. Click image to learn more.

Image of a happy man who found an emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Chipped Tooth

Although teeth are strong, they still crack, fracture, or even break.  While some cracks can go unnoticed, others are a lot of discomfort, especially if the crack extends down into the root.  Every crack, chip or break is different, but most are caused by trauma, grinding, or biting. Learn more about how your emergency dentist can help with chipped teeth.

Image of a happy man who found an emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry to replace his lost filling.

Lost Fillings and Lost Crowns

Fillings are used to fix cavities. Crowns, or caps, are used to cover broken or damaged teeth. It’s not uncommon for fillings or crowns to fall out. When this happens, it often causes sensitivity to your tooth. Although lost fillings or crowns might not be as severe of a dental emergency as a broken or chipped tooth, you should still see your dentist promptly.

Image of a happy woman who found a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Dislodged or Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked out or knocked loose, it’s crucial to see a “Lincoln dentist near me” immediately. If they’re able to replace the tooth within 30-60 minutes, it’s likely that it will be able to remain and become functional again. However, the longer it takes to have the tooth replaced, the less likely it is your mouth will accept it.

Image of a happy woman who found a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry to fix her broken dentures.

Broken Dentures

If your dentures break, everyday tasks may become trying and arduous. If you can’t chew, swallow, or eat properly, your Lincoln dentist will take a mold or your mouth and have a manufacturer make a new pair. However, if your dentures are not damaged too badly, then your dentist in Lincoln, NE might be able to fix them in-house. Learn more about how your emergency dentist can help with broken dentures.

From cracked teeth to lost fillings and dentures in need of repair, dental emergencies come in all shapes and sizes.  We’re glad to help with any dental emergency, even without insurance. We feel that everyone should have access to an excellent dentist and we’re delighted to discuss our many payment options with you.

Dr Isaacson

The information on this page was written by Dr. Jon Isaacson.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I always knew that I wanted to do something to help people. It was a tough decision between medical school and dental school, but because I have always enjoyed being creative and using my hands and had a strong desire to interact personally with my patients, I knew dentistry was for me. Being able to see patients on a routine basis makes dentistry different from many other areas of medicine.” 

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or his partners, online 24/7 at a Lincoln Family Dentistry Location near you. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Lincoln. Some of the communities include Eagle, Walton, Weeping Water, Avoca, and many more!

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