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If you are looking for a gentle, kind and patient-centered children’s and teens dentist in Lincoln, NE area, you will enjoy meeting Dr. Kelly O’Hara. She is our wonderful, kind and caring dentist for children and teens; She has excellent chair side manners and positive ways to communicate, educate and inspire children and teens about the importance of dental health.

Dr. Kelly O’ Hara used to be a school teacher taught at Lincoln public schools for years before making a change to dentistry. This children’s and teens dentist makes her top priority to care for overall health and well-being of your child or a teen.

Dr. Kelly O’Hara, your family dentist for children and teens says:

“Children’s Dentistry is one of the most important fields in medical practice as dental caries in children is considered to be #1 silent disease in children. The main cause of caries in children and teens is access to pop, excessive sugar intake and inability to properly brush and floss (underdeveloped dexterity).

The rise of dental caries, gingivitis, and Periodontal disease have dramatically increased in the last decade in America.

According to research, dental health is directly correlated with overall health. Our mouth is full of good and bad bacteria and its amounts are directly related to overall Inflammation, leading to dental problems and other Inflammatory related conditions.

It is important for children and teens to learn healthy dental habits to prevent dental problems and Inflammation associated with them. I believe in teaching children and teens about healthy dental habits and overall health habits.”


Download: “What is a cavity?” Handout.
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what is a cavity handout from Dentist for children and teens

Why choose Dr. Kelly O’Hara as your family dentist for children and teens?

Dr. Kelly O’ Hara taught children for years at Lincoln public school.  Past teaching experience makes her an excellent candidate for working with children and teens. On occasion, she can still refer your child on to a pediatric specialist if child’s needs extend beyond the needs of a general dentist office.


Read more about important oral health for teens at:


medicine dentistry from Dentist for children and teens



Dr. Kelly O’ Hara, children’s and teens dentist have an ability to establish strong and positive relationships with children and teens. In fact, she can create a positive and fun experience for your child so that they not only start wanting to go to the dentist but will make it a point to make a habit of taking care of their teeth.

This Lincoln, NE Children’s and teens dentist is comfortable dealing with children and teens. She is a pro at establishing positive and long lasting good oral care habits. Strong childhood oral health habits help ensure children and teens to take good care of their teeth and gums throughout their lives.


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM)

Dr. Kelly O’Hara would like to take this time to teach teenagers about good dental habits that would contribute to a lifetime of healthy smiles and overall better health. In the last few years, the rates of the early Periodontal disease has dramatically increased in the USA. Dr.Kelly O’Hara wants to prevent teens from developing a Periodontal disease, which is Inflammatory condition and affects overall health.

Please let us know if you’d like our dental professionals to speak to your school during February. We would be happy to visit your school and bring an interactive presentation and handouts geared towards teens. Please contact our community educators if you’d like to arrange a school visit at 402-467-1000 or email at nebraskafamilydentistry@gmail.com




“Teeth Whitening For Teenagers?”
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Dentist for children and teens smile


“Risks of Drinking Mountain Dew”
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soda free dentist for children and teens



“Veneers for Teenagers”
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Dentist for children and teens



“The 7 Steps: To Living An Anti-inflammatory Life”
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7 steps to living an inflammatory life


“Live A Better Life”
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live a better life banner


“Electronic Cigarettes: Are they Safe?” Handout.
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electronic cigarettes brochure




“Your Smile, Be Healthy, Be Beautiful?” Handout.
(Click on picture below)

teen wellness handout


1 teens smile
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Check out the “Do Cavities Hurt?” video


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