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Lincoln Family Dentistry has many dental services to offer our patients

Are you looking for a dentist who can take care of all your needs and services? Don’t forget to find a dentist who cares. Our office strives to be the friendliest dentistry in town, and we’ll treat you like family. With our many comfortable amenities, we can make almost any treatment simple and comfortable for you. Be sure to communicate any concerns, questions, or desires with our team, and we’ll help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln, NE, want to know how to whiten your teeth, need restoration or teeth replacement options, or just need a caring, gentle dentist to take care of your regular exams and cleanings, Lincoln Family Dentistry has many dental services to offer. Please see below to learn more about the dental services we provide.

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Dental Services:
Sedation Dentistry

Many of our patients previously struggled with dental anxiety or dental phobia.

For Nervous Patients.

Dental Anxiety?

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry Pill at Our Office.

Northstar Dental’s Zen Room for Extra Nervous Patients.

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Dental Services:
General Dentistry

We love to see families at our office. We see kids from the age of one to patients over 100 years old and perform many general dentistry dental services at our office.

Kid’s Dentist
Teen’s Dentist
The Perfect Fit Dentures
Teeth Whitening
Root Canal Therapy
Replacing Old Fillings
Metal Free Restorations
Periodontal Disease and Receding Gums
Dental Cleanings

The Nebraska Family Dentistry Standard

Here at Lincoln Family Dentistry, we’re dedicated to the highest quality care for you, the patient. We not only want to take excellent care of your teeth, but we also want to make sure your experience is pleasant and comfortable. Our office believes that dental care shouldn’t be uncomfortable. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had a bad experience at the dentist at some point in the road. These experiences drive our office, in a way. After having negative past experiences at the dentist, much of our team became dentists and team members to right the wrongs of the past. For that reason, our team is extra hard at work trying to offer the utmost in dental treatment, education, compassion, and relationship-building.

This high standard of dentistry isn’t exclusive to Lincoln Family Dentistry. In fact, we’re a part of a dental group called Nebraska Family Dentistry which seeks to offer the same great care. As a result, we’ve got several convenient sister locations dispersed throughout Lincoln. If you need great dental care but are not near our office, check out the other NFD locations. They’ll be happy to see you and to provide equally great dental care and friendship.

Lincoln Dental Clinics:
The True Cost of Dental Services

We all know that dental care isn’t the easiest thing to afford. Even with dental insurance, you aren’t guaranteed inexpensive treatment. When you need dental care, insurance often only covers a portion of the costs. We know this can take more of a toll on a patient than on their pocketbook. For that reason, we’ve worked hard over the years to make our payment plans accessible to everyone. Our team believes that everyone should have access to high-quality dental services. Below are some of the things we’ve put in place to make sure that’s the case.

We’re big proponents of Care Credit too. With Care Credit, you can pay the entire cost of treatments up front, and you simply pay your card off each month, like a credit card. One of the major benefits of Care Credit is that it can be used with more than just dentistry. The card is healthcare-based, so you can also use it for doctor’s visits, as well as a plethora of other healthcare-oriented costs. You can learn all about Care Credit Compassionate Finance by clicking the link to their website.

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Annual Plan Benefits
For Lincoln Dental Plans

All X-rays
Comprehensive Exam
2 Emergency Exams
2 Routine Dental Cleanings (Every 12 Months)
25% Discount on Select Procedures

LDP offers discounts on the following procedures:

Regular Cleanings
Deep Cleanings
Periodontal Maintenance
Dental Crowns (Excludes Cosmetic Crowns)
White Fillings
Root Canals
Professional Teeth Whitening
Night Guards

Learn More about Lincoln Dental Plans Membership

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To find out more about Lincoln Dental Plans, click the logo on the left or:

Check out the “Overall Inflammation and Oral Health” video

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Looking for Dental Payment Plans?

Find out about Care Credit

dental payment plans

Make easy, affordable payments for your procedure with dental payment plans we offer.

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Finally, we’re glad to offer payment plans and financing of our own. We want to make sure you’re well taken care of, and we’re happy to work out payment plans with you to ensure you get the care you need. All of our sister offices accept the same options. This also includes the convenience of online payment, and the acceptance of cash, checks, credit cards, and major insurance plans which we submit for you. Lincoln Family Dentistry is dedicated to your convenience, and you can hold us to that.

When you’re ready, we’ll be on standby to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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