Dental Phobia Treatment



Tip #1 for dental phobia treatment:  Communicate with us about your dental phobia

Talk to one of our gentle dental professionals at Lincoln Family Dentistry. Remember that dentists and dental hygienists are trained professionals and know about dental phobia treatment. Here at our Lincoln Family Dentistry, we cater to each patient’s needs and dealing with dental phobia issues. Working with us on your anxieties can take the pressure off trying to manage them alone. Just the act of expressing verbally what’s been locked in your head can lighten the load too.

 Tip #2 for dental phobia treatment:  We offer amenities to help you relax

Practicing some form of deep breathing or meditative exercise like yoga is a great way to put your body ahead of your mind. If your body is relaxed, it’s very difficult for your mind to be anxious. At Lincoln Family Dentistry we offer bottled water, warm blankets, headphones, TVS and comfortable chairs to help you relax while you are here. 

Our patients admit that having TVs, Headphones, blankets help are helpful for a dental phobia treatment.

Tip #3 for dental phobia treatment: Distract Yourself during dental appointment by watching TV or listening to music

Often, the sounds of a dentist’s office are enough to get one’s mind racing. Drills sounds from other examination rooms and general office conversation can trigger anxious thoughts. We offer headphones, tv, and play music in our offices to help offer distractions.

Our patients admit that getting rid of dental noises is a great way to deal with a dental phobia treatment.

Tip #4 for dental phobia treatment:  Do not schedule your dental appointment when you are short on time

Try to schedule your dental appointments at times when you won’t be otherwise under pressure. Squeezing an exam between meetings or during a short lunch will only serve to put the pressure on. Give yourself time. At Lincoln Family Dentistry we are open on a variety of days and hours to help accommodate times that work for you.

Tip #5 for dental phobia treatment: Oral Sedation

Finally, you can always discuss oral dental sedation options with your dentist. There are many sedatives available ranging in effects from light relaxation to completely putting you under for the duration of your visit. Here at Lincoln Family Dentistry we utilize sedation dentistry and would be happy to visit with you and find out if you would benefit from one of our options if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia. Dental Oral sedation is a great way to help you with a dental phobia treatment.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia are very common. No should go through it alone. Recognize the anxiety or fear, talk it out, and above all, put your dental health above your anxieties. The resulting smile and health are absolutely worth it.

Have you overcome dental phobia? How did you tame your anxiety? We’d love to hear your story! We are here ready to help you with a dental phobia treatment.

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