Gummy Smile Corrections

Fixing a Gummy Smile: What You Should Know From Your Lincoln Dentist Near Me

Most of us realize that smiles are a gateway to someone’s personality. Unfortunately, not all of us are proud of our smiles. Having a healthy smile that you’re happy with can play a huge role in developing our self-esteem. It isn’t hard to imagine, then, how negatively our smiles can affect us if we aren’t happy with them. While each smile is beautiful the way it is, there’s no shame in having your smile upgraded. And when it comes to gummy smile corrections, our team is more equipped to help you now than ever before.

Gummy smile corrections are designed for patients who have a smile with excess gum tissue. Many of these patients believe their teeth are simply too short. However, in most cases, the gums naturally protrude further down than with other peoples’ teeth.

Our team members are excellent at fixing gummy smiles. It’s a common cosmetic procedure built to help you love your smile again. If you’re interested in having your gummy smile corrected, set up a consultation today by using the form at the bottom or simply by calling us at 402-467-1000. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

Gummy Smile Corrections

If you have teeth that seem too short or your smile looks “gummy,” there are cosmetic solutions to help you achieve the smile you desire. Again, many times the teeth are not too short, but may simply be hiding beneath excess gum tissue. Once we remove the excess gum tissue, it exposes the tooth structure underneath giving you a more natural smile.

At your consultation, one of our cosmetic dentists will assess your specific concerns and develop a treatment plan with you that helps you achieve your smile wish. Usually, x-rays will be taken to help the dentist thoroughly evaluate your oral health.

(Photo courtesy of Dr. Bernie Villadiego)
(Photo courtesy of Dr. Bernie Villadiego)

There are multiple reasons you may have the excess tissue or a gummy smile including genetics. It can even be a side effect of some medications. Rarely we will see a patient with a structural concern in the jaw or in the way the lower lip is attached. Most gummy smile corrections are done with the latest in dental laser treatment. In most cases, a laser will be used to recontour the gums, revealing beautiful tooth structure underneath.

If you have other concerns about the cause of your gummy smile, we work hand-in-hand with excellent oral surgeons in Lincoln. No matter what, we will help you choose from one of our gummy smile corrections. We will help you achieve your smile wish and get the cosmetically pleasing smile you want and deserve!

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The Gummy Smile Correction Procedure

When your dentist performs a gummy smile correction, he or she will start by examining your teeth and planning exactly how your teeth will look after the procedure. This step allows you to talk with your dentist about your expectations and desires. Your dentist will listen to you and try to plan around your needs. After they look at your teeth and prepare for the procedure, your dentist will be quick to administer the anesthetic. They’ll ensure that you can’t feel anything before going into the procedure. During this step, it’s important to let your dentist know exactly how much you’re feeling. If need be, they can administer more anesthetic.

Finally, the dentist will begin the actual procedure. When performing gummy smile corrections, we use a laser re-contouring technique that is state of the art and accurate. We’ll use this laser to remove parts of your excess gums. When we do this, the laser will immediately cauterize the gums, beginning the healing process instantly.

Altogether, we can usually complete the procedure in a single, quick appointment. Many times, we’ll pair gummy smile correction with other procedures like preparation for veneers or filling placement. In any case, you’ll start with a consultation so your dentist can examine your smile.

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The Cost of Gummy Smile Correction

It can be said for most dental procedures that the cost is variable. The cost of gummy smile correction is similar. Depending on a variety of cost factors, gummy smile correction can range significantly in price. For this reason, we prefer to give you an estimate at your consultation. We do this to ensure an accurate estimate, rather than simply trying to guess as to what the cost might be for you.

If you’re concerned about affording your gummy smile correction, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re glad to answer your questions as fully as possible. Similarly, if finances are a concern, ask about our convenient payment methods! Over the years we’ve come up with several payment options. This is because we want to make dentistry accessible to everyone, regardless of what they can afford. We accept CareCredit, major credit cards, cash, checks, and all major insurance plans.

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Your Smile Wish

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