How To Find The Best Dentist Near Me

how to find the best dentist near me Lincoln NE

“How can I find the best dentist near me?” Your dentist in Lincoln, NE answers:

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-How do I find a good dentist or the “best dentist near me?” We have a few tips.

-What are the qualities of a good dentist? We’ll let you know here.

-How does technology affect dentistry? We’ll explain!

Anyone could probably figure out where to find a dentist by merely driving around. But, to find “the best dentist near me in Lincoln, NE,” you may need to put in a bit more work.

Although some might agree that the central location of Nebraska Family Dentistry is an excellent dental office, not everyone might feel this way. It is a fact that everyone defines “best” differently.

While there may be an office that is the perfect fit for one person, that same office might not be a good fit for another. This article outlines some positive attributes of what makes a great dental office and things patients can look for when they are in search of a new dental home.

How do I find the best dentist in my area?

Ask around for referrals to get some insights from family and friends. You can also look for online reviews of the practice to see what others have to say. In some instances, online opinions can be taken with a grain of salt. Some of the statements can be misleading and may be more “personal” versus general. Research and look for dentists who are willing to submit claims to your insurance. This isn’t all you should look for: we have more ways to find a great dentist below.

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What Qualities Set some Dental Offices Apart From Others?

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What is the quality of their clinical care?

Advice from Your Lincoln dentist:

This is usually the most important deciding factor for many patients. You deserve the highest quality clinical care available. One of the marks of a skilled clinical team can be dental groups with multiple locations. Aside from multiple locations, these clinics also offer multiple providers. Larger group practices usually have higher standards for patient care to ensure consistency for patients. Part of the reason for this is the ability of the staff to assist one another in delivering excellent care to patients. Patients have better experiences when the whole team works together to create a harmonious atmosphere.

What is the education and experience of the dentist? Your Lincoln dentist answers:

Every dental college produces many exceptionally skilled dentists with each graduating class. Throughout the course of their careers, these dentists may practice for many years and become more skilled in one discipline of dentistry over others. Every dentist has their own strengths and weaknesses as a clinician based on their experience and general aptitude for certain facets within the scope of dentistry.

In a practice with multiple dentists, it is more likely that patients will receive even more exceptional care due to the ability of the dentists to refer patients among one another and consult one another on more complex cases. At our offices, we have multiples dentists in Lincoln, NE who regularly work together to deliver the outstanding clinical care to patients.

How does the dental office team treat you?

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Do they use modern technology?

Your Lincoln dentist explains why this is important. 

Dentistry changes every day with new instruments and techniques being introduced to improve treatment outcomes and patient comfort. These advances in dental technology help dentists in Lincoln, NE give patients the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for their dental conditions. When you search “best dentist near me,” check out the technology the office has to offer.

Going to an office with a rude and unhelpful team is most definitely something patients do not look forward to. No matter where you choose to do business, people should be treated with respect and compassion by a friendly team who sincerely wants to help. You will find the best dental offices have friendly, caring teams that want nothing but the best for you.

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Is the office calm and clean?

Patients will feel more comfortable and confident in the treatment at an office that is clean, well-lit and smells good. For many patients, the smells associated with dentistry add to their anxiety from past experiences. At all of our locations, we use aromatherapy to minimize clinical smells during patient care hours. Patients can relax in our comfortable treatment rooms with blankets, headphones and sunglasses during appointments. The best dental offices will offer thoughtful touches like these to create a relaxing atmosphere for patients. When searching, be sure to look for what the office as a whole, has to provide.

Your dentist in Lincoln, NE explains how we create a comfortable atmosphere

Before/after appointment patient experience:

An excellent dental offices provide helpful information on their websites. In addition, they also make requesting appointments easy by allowing you the opportunity to schedule online. What else might they offer? After-hours care 24/7 for emergencies. Many can say that some of the best dentists are available after hours and on weekends. While this may not define “the best dentist” for all, it certainly can help some in making their final decision when selecting who they want to provide their dental care.

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Does the office handle insurance claims on your behalf?

Your Lincoln dentist explains how this helps patients complete care:

Dental offices that expect patients to file their own insurance claims are not providing great customer service to patients. Unfortunately, offices that lack adequate staff members to handle insurance and billing for patients create more obstacles that prevent patients from getting the treatment and care they deserve. Insurance companies typically require documentation and follow-up with claims, which results in patients spending a lot of time on the phone with insurance companies.

We know that patients are busy and dealing with insurance can create a challenge for them. Insurance companies are usually more likely to accept claims sent by trained staff members in the dental profession than from patients. A great question to ask when you are looking for a new dentist in Lincoln is if they are willing to handle the insurance claims on your behalf.

Is your dentist caring and kind? Your Lincoln dentist on how providers can help patients relax: 

The best dentists will have a great chair-side manner.

Have you tried to have a conversation with your dentist when they are working on you? They are most likely trying to make small talk, but this is a difficult task when you have hands and instruments in your mouth!

In the past, dentists were encouraged to make lots of small talk to connect and bond with patients. Although it is important to be friendly and cheerful with patients, it is just as effective to allow patients to do what they feel is comfortable. Some patients do not feel like talking, and so they should be allowed to keep conversations focused on their dental care. Other patients enjoy visiting with the dental staff and doctors when they come to the office. When searching, some say the best Lincoln, NE dentist near me will offer sedation dentistry and distractions to help you relax like listening to music or watching TV with headphones during appointments.

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How affordable is treatment?

Finances are certainly a factor when it comes to proceeding with dental treatment. Patients have a lot of expenses beyond dental treatment. It is important for patients to find a dental office that maximizes the value for a price that they are willing and able to pay. It is important for patients to find an office that gives estimates for treatment so they can be prepared for their financial obligations. Dentists in Lincoln, NE who offer multiple payment methods and work with multiple insurance companies can help reduce the overall cost to patients. Offices that offer extremely low prices beyond the more competitive rates have to make sacrifices to be able to stay profitable. More expensive dental treatment is not necessarily better quality, but offices that are competitive in pricing with other providers in the area are usually a reasonable bet for patients.

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What sets Nebraska Family Dentistry apart from other dental clinics in Lincoln, NE?

Our central Lincoln dental clinic, of the Nebraska Family Dentistry group, is a patient-centered dental office. This office was created with the comfort of all patients in mind. Beyond that, all of our dentists in Lincoln, NE provide gentle dental care, and they are all able to offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a great option for patients with dental anxiety.

The amenities we provide you with will ensure your comfort at all times. We know that many people do not enjoy coming to the dentist, so our primary goal is to make your experience outstanding.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with comfortable chairs and TVs where we can help you relax during your appointment. Other comforts we offer are blankets, pillows and headphones!

In addition to ensuring comfort, convenience is also critical. Not only do we have extended lunch hours and on-call dentists, but we have five convenient locations! Certainly, this helps assist even the busiest patients when they need an appointment. We do also offer after-hours and weekend emergency visits.

Come see for yourself the many amenities that our Lincoln, NE dentists have to offer. Also, learn about how our team is constantly striving to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

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Convenient “dentist near me” for families

At Lincoln Family Dentistry, we firmly believe all families should have access to the dental care they need. For that reason, we accept almost all forms of insurance, including Ameritas, BSBS, Humana, Tricare, Aetna, and Metlife.

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Many of us have our own families. We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with expenses. Because of this, we accept discount plans like Lincoln Dental Plans. In addition, we also accept cash, credit cards, in-office payment plans, and CareCredit, a health and wellness credit card that you can sign up for when you come into our office.

Finding the “best dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” might require you to do a little bit of research. You can always call and ask to visit the office for a consultation. Also, you may want to ask about pricing, read online reviews, or ask people in the community who they recommend.

We hope you find a good fit in your search for the “best dentist.” We would love to see you soon at one of our locations. So, you can discover the Nebraska Family Dentistry way of doing dentistry!

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The information on this page was written by Dr. Kelly O’Hara.

This gentle Lincoln, NE dentists says: “I perform gentle dentistry for the entire family and focus on children’s dentistry, extreme smile makeovers, cosmetic dentistry and placing mercury-free dental fillings. Moreover, I also want to provide a better quality of life to patients who have lost their teeth by making implant retained dentures. I have many goals, but one that is very important to many of us: to keep dentistry affordable by taking all of the primary dental plans and by also offering dental payment plans to patients that seek them. I am fully committed to making sure all patients feel comfortable while in my care.”

You can schedule with this Lincoln, NE dentist, or his partners, online 24/7 at a Lincoln Family Dentistry Location near you. This “dentist near me” serves the local communities close to Lincoln. Some of the communities include Eagle, Walton, Weeping Water, Avoca, and many more!

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