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Dr. Kelly O'Hara with a patient. Dr. O'Hara is a ThreeBest Rated® dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Meet Dr. Kelly O’Hara

Dr. Kelly O’Hara, a dentist at Lincoln Family Dentistry dedicated to your comfort while providing excellent clinical care, a partner of Nebraska Family Dentistry, has been voted as one of the Three Best Rated Dentists in Lincoln, NE. Check out her recognition profile to see why she’s been voted one of the “three best dentist near me.”

Image of the "Three Best Rated" logo, which was awarded to Dr. Kelly O'Hara your Dentist in Lincoln, NE.
Dr. Jon Isaacson with two young children. Dr. Isaacson is a Lincoln dentist near me at Lincoln Family Dentistry.

Meet Dr. Jon Isaacson

What to expect when you visit a “Lincoln Dentist Near Me”

By making our offices relaxing, and creating great experiences for patients, any “Lincoln dentist near me,” at our dental clinic can help patients with dental anxiety overcome their dental fears. Thus, giving patients the opportunity to become healthier and improve their lives.

A happy woman who is holding an Invisalign aligner. Lincoln dentist near me, Dr. Jon Isaacson, offers Invisalign at his Lincoln dental clinic.

Clear Braces Near Me in Lincoln, NE

Align your smile today!

Invisible Braces / Clear Braces in Lincoln, NE can help straighten your teeth.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® a removable dental appliance offers many benefits including still being able to eat your favorite foods and easier oral hygiene.

Have Dental Anxiety?

Do you know anyone who is scared of the dentist or perhaps maybe they are simply embarrassed about not seeing a dentist for a long time? 

Learn how our dentists in Lincoln, NE at Lincoln Family Dentistry can help you overcome your fears below:

A happy woman who was able to benefit from sedation dentistry. Our Lincoln dentists near me will make your comfort their priority.

We are proud members of the Nebraska Family Dentistry Group.

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